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Savinja, The River Of Fairy Tales

There is a mountain glacial valley in the Slovenian Solčavsko region and its upper part is named Logarska Dolina, a magical and breathtaking place surrounded by fairytales forest and peaks over 2000 meters high.

There is a mountain glacial valley in the Slovenian Solčavsko region and its upper part is named Logarska Dolina, a magical and breathtaking place surrounded by fairytales forest and peaks over 2000 meters high. There are several legends and old stories that originate from this area, some of them have come down to the present days through oral history, then represented by modern Slovenian renowned authors. For the time being, a Fairytale Forest Park that cover 20,000 square metres of woods have been created to represent all of this. It features all the Slovenian folk tales and legends originating from the Solčavsko region and the best world-famous classic stories. Children, and even adults who still have the ability to dream and have imagination, can roam the forest freely or can be guided through by gnomes and witches. Next to the tales park, a mountain eco farm named Na Razpotju offers fine local gourmet food, as žlikrofi, deer fillet and porcini mushroom plates, as well as the possibility of overnight stay.