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54 Dean Street welcomes you to its Website and thanks you for your interest in our company. We take the issue of the processing of personal data very seriously and we would like you to feel as safe as possible while visiting our Website.

The Privacy Guarantor with a provision dated 8 May 2014 has implemented, with final entry into force in Italy since 2 June 2015, the European Directive 2009/136 / EC which requires the administrators of the web pages to publish a report on the website cookie policy that visitors are browsing. This Policy may be updated at any time due to changes in the current legislation or for any change in the configuration and type of cookies used, therefore we suggest that you periodically view this Cookie Policy in order to know all subsequent updates of the same. The Website may contain links to other websites that have their own privacy policy, which may be different from the one adopted by the SEO positioning of the 54 Dean Street Website, which therefore is not responsible for these websites.

Cookies are short strings of information (text files) concerning the user's activity on the Website, which are stored, during the first navigation on the Website, on the computer, smartphone or tablet device of the Customer browsing the Internet, for then be re-transmitted to the same sites in the eventual subsequent visit by the same Customer, allowing our Website to automatically recognise the Customer (or other Customers who use the same tool) after the first visit and therefore improve its experience of use. Their functioning is totally dependent on the navigation browser that the user uses and can be enabled or not by the user himself. In order to always guarantee the best possible navigation, our Website offers the best performance with cookies enabled. By default, almost all web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies.

Cookies can be:

- of "first part" when they are managed directly by the Website manager;

- of "third party" when cookies are set up and managed by managers outside the website visited by the user.

The third-party cookies fall under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the same operator, and in relation to their installation the website manager "prima parte" assumes the mere role of technical intermediary.

The Website uses or can use, even in combination, the following categories of cookies:

Permanent or "persistent" cookies: these cookies remain stored on the device even after leaving the Website or closing the browser: in particular, they remain until their expiry date or until they are manually deleted by the user. Persistent cookies satisfy many features in the interest of web surfers (such as password storage), however in some cases they can also be used for promotional purposes.

Session cookies (or temporary): They have a limited duration of the visit and are eliminated when the browser is closed, which terminates the access session to the Website. As a rule, they allow the Customer to access personalised services and take full advantage of the functionality of the Website, avoiding the use of other computer techniques that could potentially compromise the privacy of the Customer' browsing.

Technical-functional cookies, for example for the transmission of session identifiers necessary to allow the safe and efficient exploration of the Website. These cookies avoid the use of other computer techniques that could potentially compromise the confidentiality of the navigation of the Customers. For the use of technical cookies the law requires the mere release of the information to the interested party, as is the case with this communication and that is also without the creation of specific banners on the Website. For all non-technical cookies, by contrast, current legislation subordinates their installation to the manifestation of the prior consent in the simplified forms provided for by the Guarantor's 8.5.2014 Provision, that is by publication of synthetic banners that can be viewed by the Customer upon first landing on the Website and which allows to generate an additional use of the Website (based on the scroll, or the continuation of navigation within the same web page) with which the Customer can implicitly communicate his consent, or, alternatively, to access an analytical cookie information (ie this information), in which you can express your necessary consent or disagreement. This consent may or may not be formulated by the Customer in reference to the individual cookies installed but in relation to wider categories of cookies, or to specific producers and / or intermediaries with which the Website has established commercial relationships.

Analysis cookies: these cookies can be both temporary and permanent, and allow to collect and analyse in aggregate and / or disaggregated way statistical information related to access (for example the geographical area of ​​origin of the Customer, used access tool, age, etc. .) and generally to the behaviour of the Clients on the Website and therefore to improve the experience and contents provided. These analytical cookies can be assimilated to technical cookies only if they are created and used directly by the site first part (without, therefore, the intervention of third parties). For example, the site uses log files (that is, records the history of operations as they are performed) and log files (which include IP addresses, browser type, operating system used by the user's device, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date, time, entry and exit page and the number of clicks, but also the pages visited on the site, the third-party sites from which the user comes). All this to analyse the behaviour trends of the Clients and to administer and optimise the Website. The information gathered in this way does not have a personal value as the data is collected and analysed anonymously. In the case in which analytical cookies are made and / or used by third parties (different from the owner of the first part of the Website), these cannot be assimilated to technical cookies and have a different legal treatment.

Profiling (or advertising) cookies, always permanent, are used to obtain information, aggregated or not, useful for evaluating the use of the Website and the activities carried out by the visitor (choice of displaying specific pages, of specific products and / or services, etc.), used by the owner for the formulation of commercial advertisements of products and / or services targeted and that is based on the Client's previous activities (instead of the generalist ones offered without distinction to all Customers).

The aforementioned premise does not automatically imply that this Website currently uses all the categories of cookies indicated above. The Website also uses Google Analytics cookies (software by Google Inc., a third-party American company). Through Google Analytics no personal data is collected, but, only in aggregate statistical form, data on the age, gender, and preferences of interest of our Customers (in order to better evaluate the use of our Website and activities carried out by the Customer and to better address the services provided). These cookies are stored on servers in the United States or other countries. Google reserves the right to transfer the information collected with its cookies to third parties where this is required by law or where the third party processes information on its behalf.

The Analytics feature, in particular, is natively configured in such a way as to significantly mask portions of the IP address of the Customer, and therefore the data relative to the IP address thus collected is already rendered anonymous at the origin and therefore the cookie analytical does not allow to trace even indirectly - and in particular through further processing - to the identity of the Customer. For this reason 54 Dean Street, which from time to time is the manager of the Website, is not required by law to fulfil the obligations and obligations provided for by the legislation on cookies.

No named profiling cookies are used on this Website, ie based on personal identification data.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Website uses the special advertising functions of Google Analytics, which activate additional features not available through standard Google Analytics implementations and related cookies. These advertising features also allow you to collect traffic data (through Google advertising cookies and anonymous identifiers) as well as data normally collected by us through a standard Google Analytics implementation. The advertising functions of Google Analytics are as follows:

Re-marketing with Google Analytics.

Reports on Google Display Network impressions (if used through AdWords). 

Reports on demographic data and Google Analytics interests.

For more information on online behavioural advertising and some suggestions on possible tricks, in particular to deactivate the display of online interest-based ads: oppure!/

How cookies work and how they are disabled. Accepting or refusing cookies is your right. By default, browsers generally accept the use of cookies both from our Website and from third-party web sites. To allow the Website to function properly, to take advantage of its features and use in its entirety, we recommend that you accept the use of cookies.

The user is enabled, however, to change the default configuration at any time. To manage the way cookies work, as well as the options to limit or block cookies, it is in fact sufficient for the user to modify the settings of his or her internet browser through the relative toolbar. It is possible to choose between the unconditional acceptance of all cookies (in particular: browsing in any form on our website after the initial appearance on the screen of the synthetic banner that warns you of the presence of cookies on our Website, you implicitly consent to the use of cookies), the indistinct refusal of all cookies definitively, or the display of a popup window (Warning) whenever a cookie is proposed, in order to be able to evaluate whether to accept it or not through an explicit action by user.

Below are the links for configuring the most popular browsers that describe how cookies are managed:



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To change the cookie settings in browsers other than those listed, refer to the help documentation prepared by the manufacturer of the specific browser.

The user can also selectively disable the action of Google Analytics by downloading and installing on his browser the additional opt-out component specially provided by Google for his browser, at the following link:

Remember that you must configure the cookie preferences for each device and each browser used in browsing the internet. For any further information relating to Google Analytics, please refer to the Privacy Policy referred to in the following link:

Users can disable the use of cookies by 54 Dean Street by visiting the 54 Dean Street deactivation page. To delete cookies from the Internet browser of your smartphone or tablet device, it is necessary to refer to the user manual of the device.

For more information on cookies and privacy, please consult the specific document prepared by the Privacy Guarantor at the following link: