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Kopter Revolution Fly Tying Bobbin
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- Aeronautical Materials
- Adjustable Tightening Arms
- Threader/Half Hitch Tool Included
- Made in Italy

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75.00 €

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    Ref.: VK042580115I

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    The Kopter Revolution Fly Tying Bobbin is a one of a kind tool with innovative features. Fly tyers are well aware that each winding on the shank of the hook produces an opposite twist on the tying thread which must often be removed to facilitate certain operations such as splitting the thread for dubbing loops or when we want the thread lying flat.

    The spool holder body of the Kopter Revolution Fly Tying Bobbin rotates with respect to the tube holder body by means of a bearing system, so as to be able to give or remove twisting to the tying thread as desired, always keeping the bobbin comfortably in the hand. It is equipped with resistant carbide bushings at the entrance and exit of the stainless steel tube. The tube holder body is in 7050 Aeronautical Aluminum while the spool holder body and the spool holder cones are in high quality resin loaded with fiber. Practically indestructible material.

    The thread tension is regulated by the manufacturer but can be varied by enlarging or tightening the spool holder rods. The Kopter Revolution winder is supplied with a thread guide whose handle is a useful conical knot finisher.