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Sprite Barbless Wide Gape Jig
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- Packs of 50
- Black Nickel Finish
- In Line Eye
- Sizes # 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

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11.25 €

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Ref.: S2400-08

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The Sprite Barbless Wide Gape Jig hook is a short-shank pattern that combines the strength and hook setting properties of the Nordic Tube Single with the added shank length to enable the fly dresser to make deadly hair-wing patterns. This is the ideal hook to tie modern jig nymphs with Tungsten Slotted Beads [20] or Tungsten Slotted Beads [100]. Jig tungsten nymphs sink with the hook tip always pointing upwards. This allow to significantly reduce ground stalls and helps to preserve the sharpness of the hook tip from contact with the rocks. 

Modern nymphs based on Sprite Barbless Wide Gape Jig are suitable for trout and grayling fishing, in big or  small sizes. They can be tied in a variety of patterns, imitative or fantasy, with synthetic materials but also with a hint of natural. Other fly tying materials useful to tie them could be Semperfli Nano Silk 50D 12/0Semperfli Waxed Thread 8/0Semperfli FlossSemperfli Fluoro Brite Thread 120DSemperfli Wire 0.2 mmSemperfli Pheasant TailSemperfli Ice DubbingSemperfli Quick Dub SolidSemperfli Quick Dub GlintSemperfli Nymph DubSemperfli Bug Shell Back Ultra Thin SkinSolarez UV Resins.

In 2013 Sprite Hooks was acquired by Partridge of Redditch. Sprite has had a history of making quality hooks and Partridge has continued that tradition with the Sprite brand. Sprite Hooks embody heritage, properties and attention to detail as the finest hooks around, just as they have for almost half a century. Affordable hooks made in the most useful patterns and sizes.