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Semperfli Plastazote Block
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- 9 Millimeters

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4.70 €

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Ref.: BFPB025BLK

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Semperfli premium quality foam blocks are larger than competitors with approx 5% more foam. Made from firm, high density, nitrogen closed cell Plastazote foam blocks for fly tying and making foam cylinders. Semperfli closed cell foam has micro bubbles of nitrogen embodied in the cells that measure approx 0.4mm diameter.

The Hi Float Plastazote Foam Block Yellow Sunburst closed nitrogen cells help your flies float and with water absorbtion of less than 1% keeps your flies afloat. This is totally different to some cheaper craft foams which are more like a sponge, where the cells are open and connected and not good for fly tying. Much thicker than our closed cell foam sheets, great for booby eyes, detached bodies, shell backs or anything else you want to float. Cut your own shape foam tubes and bodies with this high floating foam.