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Semperfli Flash Krinkle Solid
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- Length 25 Centimetres
- Tenacious Fibres
- Bright Colours

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7.50 €

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  • Semperfli Flesh Color

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Ref.: HSFM069BLK

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The brand new Semperfli Flash serie represents everything you ever wanted from a synthetic flash, expressly designed for predators, featuring tenacious fibres twenty-five centimetres long, bright colours, and a lot of material in every package. Semperflesh fibres represent the perfect match to tie flash flies or Bauer style flies. They are ideal to be used with the trickiest loop technique, or just to give a bright accent with a small amount of them.

If you dress the Semperfli Flash serie fibres with the Partridge Universal Predator X, in order to realise Bob Popovic’s dressings, as the Hollow-flies or the gigantic Beast-flies, you will never get exceeding volume or length issues. Both used on a single hook or on articulated models, the new Semperfli Flash series will let you achieve vibrant and realistic streamers, cause of the large variety of colours.

At the same time, Semperfli Flash fibres are extremely versatile, all of them can be easily used to tie bright hot spots or even full bodies on dries and nymphs. The Semperfli Flash serie includes Semperfli Flash BlendsSemperfli Flash Krinkle SolidSemperfli Flash MirrorSemperfli Flash KristalSemperfli Flash Holographic.