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Root River Half Cape Blue Dunn
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- Dry Fly Rooster Cape
- Made in USA
- Colors Are Indicative.

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39.90 €

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    If we ask you the first thing you think if we say fly tying, we are pretty sure that you will say rooster. Without any doubt, this is the most iconic material of fly tying, a fine cape makes every fly tier happy! Root River Hackle Capes are something special, with their natural colours, stiff fibres, no fluff, and the most important they feature very thin quills. The best possible quality today on the market, from the classic American tradition.

    Available in a wide selection of natural colours only: Cree, Light Cree, Blu Dunn, Golden Badger, Silver Badger, Barred Ginger, Dark Barred Ginger, Black, Brown, Grizzly, Grizzly Variant, Splash, White. Root River Hackle Capes are ideal to tie classic flies or even fine modern dry flies that requires special shades of colour. They are available in two quality grade, Grade 1 and Grade 2. Both of them have a significant amount of feathers of any dimension, to let you tie flies of every size. First grade includes a slightly wider number of small feathers. Second grade has much more feathers in size 10 and 12 the others, because of that is perfect to tie Catskill dry flies.

    Catskill dry fly passionate tiers can pair this top notch rooster capes with other fine uncommon classic materials as Ultra Selected Lemon Wood DuckEphemera Pure Silk ThreadOvale Pure Silk FlossSprite Dry BronzeRed Fox NaturalMuskrat Natural. Modern dry fly addicts can get great results matching theese capes with CDC Super SelectCoq de Leòn PardoCoq de Leòn IndioQiviut Dubbing SelectionPartridge Barbless Fine Dry.

    Root River Hackle is a family operated hackle farm located in the Driftless Area of Southeastern Minnesota, home to some of the best fishing in the Midwest. 
    Southern Minnesota is characterised by an ever changing climate including scorching summers and frigid winters. This weather enhances the quality of the Root River Hackle Capes by increasing feather and barb count.