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Fly Reel HotFly Euro Fly Pro # 0/1
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- New Model
- Ultra Large Arbor Spool For Line Classes # 0/1
- External Diameter 98mm
- Anodized Aluminium 6061-t6
- Suitable For Right- And Left-hand Operation
- Closed Reel Cage (Full Frame)
- Designed In Italy

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289.00 €

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    With the Fly Reel HotFly Euro Fly Pro # 0/1, HotFly Superb brings an absolutely high-quality and powerful large arbor fly reel onto the market, which will find many enthusiastic users due to its excellent features. An absolute special feature and ingenious highlight of this unique fly reel are the two available interchangeable spools, which differ by distinct inner diameters and thus different line capacities. This means that with just one fly reel you can confidently cover the entire range of applications from the thinnest monofilament lines or ultra-thin fly lines for European Nymph to classic fly fishing with fly lines of line class WF5 including backing.

    The idea was to design spools with the necessary line capacity for the respective fly fishing technique and the lines used, but still with the largest possible spool arbor. This has several concrete advantages, because with a large spool core, more line is retrieved per spool revolution. This means, for example, that you can get direct contact with the fish much more quickly after the strike, maintain the tension and play it via the fly reel and thus also using the reel brake. Especially when using ultra-thin fly lines or extra-long monofilament leaders, which are used in European Nymph, it is much more comfortable to reel in big and strong fish with the fly reel than with the fingers. In addition, the large inner diameter of the spool significantly minimises the memory effect of the lines used and thus prevents annoying curling.

    The spool # 0/1 euro nymph, on the one hand, in Ultra Large Arbor (ULA) design has an enormous inner diameter of 75 mm. This reduces the line capacity, but ultra-thin fly lines with a diameter of 0.55 mm or pure monofilament lines, as used in euro nymph, can easily fit on this spool.
    The spool arbor of the spool # 2/5 classic fly, on the other hand, has an inner diameter of 60 mm, which is still considerable, corresponds to a Super Large Arbor (SLA) design and accordingly also offers the aforementioned advantages of extra-large spool cores. This spool has a line capacity up to line class WF #5 including sufficient backing. With this spool option, the Fly Reel HotFly Euro Fly Pro # 0/1 is ideally suited for classic fly fishing with dry flies, nymphs and light streamers.

    Changing the spool is very easy. You unscrew the central locking screw on the crank side of the spool, pull the spool off the reel frame, place the new spool on the axle and tighten the locking screw again - done! By the way, you can also do this in the water, because the locking screw is connected to the spool in such a way that it can only be removed completely with a firm pull and therefore cannot fall off unintentionally.

    Both spools are deliberately kept narrow and have an inner width of only 18 mm. The advantage of such a spool geometry is the automatic clean laying of the line when spooling. Classic fly lines in particular tend to form a high back when spooled, which rubs against the spool web and prevents further spooling. At least makes it more difficult if the fly line is not guided with the finger nice and evenly across the entire width of the spool. This phenomenon does not happen with a reel with reduced width, so that you can fully concentrate on fishing on the water and do not have to think about reeling.

    Due to the large spools, the Fly Reel HotFly Euro Fly Pro # 0/1 has a considerable overall diameter of 98 mm with a width of 28 mm. Despite these dimensions, this fly reel remains surprisingly light at only 139 grams (ULA spool) or 144 grams (SLA spool). This fly reel is therefore ideally suited to perfectly balance the slightly longer nymph rods, which means that fishing with the stretched rod puts less strain on your rod arm and is therefore less tiring.

    The low weight of this fly reel is, on the one hand, due to the material used, as it is milled from the full 6061-T6 aluminium block using CNC technology, which is a very light material and at the same time very strong, thus giving this fly reel sufficient stability for uncompromising use on the water. On the other hand, a very open fly reel concept has been implemented in the Fly Reel HotFly Euro Fly Pro # 0/1, which reduces material through the generous recesses and perforations of the reel frame and the spools, thus saving weight exactly where it is irrelevant for the stability of the fly reel.

    Additional stability is of course also provided by the closed reel cage, which makes the entire construction more torsion resistant. However, the actual purpose of the circumferential reel frame is to prevent the long monofilament lines that are often used in European nymph from jumping off the spool, jamming up themselves around the spool axis and thus blocking the fly reel.