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Qiviut Dubbing
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- 12 Colours
- Musk Ox Underfur
- Natural Dubbing
- Hand Selected & Dyed
- Water Repellent
- Ideal for Dry Flies

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7.90 €

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  • Qiviut Colours

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Ideal dubbing, especially when talking about dry flies, should be light, very fine and very floating. The undercoat of Musk Ox has all these characteristics, it is very buoyant, very light, soft and spin easily on the thread. The elasticity and length of the fibres facilitate the creation of the dubbing rope on the tying thread. Average expert hands allow to dose each individual winding by varying the tension, thus creating portions of body or whole bodies compact, slender and ethereal, or robust and fluffy according to the needs, also favouring the tapering of the body so important when imitating real insects. These features, combined with the ability to be highly compressible, make it the perfect material for creating bodies of various types of artificial flies. Excellent on wet flies, small nymphs and emergers. However, it is with dry flies that it finds its perfect use, thanks to its structure and the natural characteristic of being water repellent.

The Qiviut Dubbing Selection consisting of twelve extraordinary colors allows you to create and imitate most of insects, mayflies, stoneflies and caddis. This dubbing can be easily blended by mixing small tufts of fur until the desired shade is obtained. It can be applied to smooth or waxed threads, as the Semperfli Waxed Thread 12/0, with different final results and it creates superb effects when combined with silk threads like the Ephemera Pure Silk Thread. The exclusive Qiviut Dubbing Selection is made up of the highest quality musk ox undercoat, hand selected, dyed with non-aggressive products that respect the material. The preparation is entirely manual with a long and laborious selection that includes the elimination of all impurities, bristles and guard hairs, with the result of having a finished product of extreme delicacy. Every single portion of hair can be used and the waste in the package in front of you is zero.

The entire dubbing package is totally eco-sustainable, free of plastic. The same hair is taken from live animals or collected in nature during the moulting period, when these beautiful animals lose their undercoat among the vegetation. Every single color is contained in a small envelope of pergamine, also called glassine paper, a material used since the XIX century to store feathers and hair. The entire selection is enclosed in a convenient resealable cardboard box.