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Out Of - The One Swordfish Sunglasses
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- Polarized and Photochromic
- Amber Base or Smoke Base
- Hard Case Included
- Made in Italy

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139.00 €

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Ref.: XS010230

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Out Of is an Italian brand which developed a lens called "The One". This is a special lens, Photochromic and Polarized to pierce the water and see well in all conditions.

Glasses are dived in three categories:

- Shallow Water, Gelo or Nero lens with Amber base, cloudy day or sunny day with shaded areas- All Water, Fuoco lens with Amber base, for who wants a versatile glasses for every condition- Blue Water, Gelo or Nero lens with Smoke base, for when you need protection from open waters’ glare


To have the best light filter from sunrise to sunset is crucial when one’s looking for utmost performance. Chemically reacting to UV rays, photochromic lenses adjust their tint becoming darker and lighter according to the surrounding light, compensating for weather changes and any light change in general. This means that you’ll be able to see more in low light conditions while being protected when sun’s high


Cut through glare and pierce the water when sight-fishing, but stay protected in bright conditions. Water is arguably the hardest environment for our eyes to withstand, and polarization is the best tool to offer ultimate comfort and performance in any condition.