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Magie Immerse
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- Author Paolo Bertacchini
- Publisher Fly Line Edizioni
- Year 2007
- First Edition
- Mint New Condition Sealed
- Laminated Hard Boards
- Hundreds of Color Illustration and Pictures
- Language Italian
- Pages 240
- Size cm 22 x 30
- ISBN 9788889468029

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45.00 €

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    It is difficult to define Magie Immerse by Paolo Bertacchini in a few words, but one thing is certain; after reading it there will be little left to learn about the classic nymphs and spiders, if not trying to build them with skill and, above all, to use them wisely.

    You will analyze the most effective wet flies and you will understand the reason for the choices of each feather, every hair fiber and every type of fly tying method, but above all you will walk the thoughts of fly anglers who have transformed fishing into passion and passion into science, into the eternal attempt to discover a law today and tomorrow, perhaps, who knows, a thought of the God who created trout and insects.

    Magie Immerse by Paolo Bertacchini is a dressing book that teaches you how to correctly tie nymphs and classic spiders, but not only, of English, French and Italian origin, so you will learn to accomplish in a complete way the nymphs of Skues and Sawyer, the Ain's wet flies, Walter Bartellini's spidersValsesian flies and many others, but also their most effective evolutions and the personal interpretations of some excellent contemporary fly tiers.