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Guideline ULBC Wader
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- Vertically Adjustable Elevator™ Braces
- 2,5-layer Recycled Nylon Upper Front Leg
- 2,5-layer Recycled Nylon Above the Waist
- 3.5-layer Recycled Nylon Fabric Below the Waist
- 25000mm Water Resistant
- Weight 710g
- Eco Friendly

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499.99 €

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Guideline Ultra Light Back Country wader is made for the hiking & travelling fly angler. Minimalistic convertible design, low weight and outstanding packability.​

Have you ever been on a back country trip and asked yourself whether to bring the waders or not from a weight & bulk aspect? Think no more. Our Ultra Light Back Country wader is designed to be a no-brainer in your bag or backpack, yet still offer you the possibility to wade out within reach of that fish or to let you fish upstream, along and across your dream river. The choice of materials is packable, breathable and hardly noticeable when you wear them. They form what is likely to be the lightest full height wader in the market, so this is definitely not your choice for daily hard-core angling. They feature the vertically adjustable Elevator™ Braces, turning them into a waist wader in seconds giving you great comfort when hiking along or between waters.

XS81-87 cm/31.9-34.3"74-80 cm/29.1-31.5"82-88 cm/32.3-34.6"125 cm/49.2"80-82 cm/31.5-32.3"24.2 cm/9.5"
S88-94 cm/34.6-37.0"81-87 cm/31.9-34.3"89-95 cm/35.0-37.4"127 cm/50.0"82-84 cm/32.3-33.1"25.2 cm/9.9"
M95-101 cm/37.4-39.8"88-94 cm/34.6-37.0"96-102 cm/37.8-40.2"134 cm/52.8"84-86 cm/33.1-33.9"27.7 cm/10.9"
MS95-101 cm/37.4-39.8"88-94 cm/34.6-37.0"96-102 cm/37.8-40.2"128 cm/50.4"79-81 cm/31.1-31.9"27.7 cm/10.9"
ML95-101 cm/37.4-39.8"88-94 cm/34.6-37.0"96-102 cm/37.8-40.2"140 cm/55.1"89-91 cm/35.0-35.8"27.7 cm/10.9"
MK102-108 cm/40.2-42.5"95-101 cm/37.4-39.8"103-109 cm/40.6-42.9"134 cm/52.8"84-86 cm/33.1-33.9"27.7 cm/10.9"
L102-108 cm/40.2-42.5"95-101 cm/37.4-39.8"103-109 cm/40.6-42.9"140 cm/55.1"86-88 cm/33.8-34-6"28.7 cm/11.3"
LS102-108 cm/40.2-42.5"95-101 cm/37.4-39.8"103-109 cm/40.6-42.9"133 cm/52.4"81-83 cm/31.9-32.7"28.7 cm/11.3"
LL102-108 cm/40.2-42.5"95-101 cm/37.4-39.8"103-109 cm/40.6-42.9"146 cm/57.5"91-93 cm/35.8-36.6"28.7 cm/11.3"
LK109-115 cm/42.9-45.3"102-108 cm/40.2-42.5"110-116 cm/43.3-45.6"140 cm/55.1"86-88 cm/33.9-34.6"28.7 cm/11.3"
XL109-115 cm/42.9-45.3"102-108 cm/40.2-42.5"110-116 cm/43.3-45.6"145 cm/57.1"88-90 cm/34.6-35.4"29.7 cm/11.7"
XLK116-122 cm/45.7-48.0"109-115 cm/42.9-45.3"117-122 cm/46.1-48.0"145 cm/57.1"88-90 cm/34.6-35.4"29.7 cm/11.7"
XXL116-122 cm/45.7-48.0"109-115 cm/42.9-45.3"117-122 cm/46.1-48"147 cm/57.9"90-92 cm/35.4-36.2"30,7 cm/12.1"
XXXL122-128 cm/48.0-50.4"116-122 cm/45.7-48.0"123-128 cm/48.4-50.4"152 cm/59.8"92-94 cm/36.2-37.0"31.7 cm/12.5"