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Guideline Single Hand Scandi WF
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- PVC-Free
- Single Hand

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Single Hand Scandi is our dedicated spey line for for both Trout & Salmon fishing. This line handles dries, nymphs and streamers with ease.

Balanced with a 25lbs Compline Shooting Line they will enable you to fish with total depth control and reach distances you've never managed with these kinds of flies on light gear before. They are built on 30lbs DC cores, have small, soft factory welded loops in both ends and have ID printing on the back end sleeves.

Never before has it been this easy to make water anchored casts with a “regular” WF line, and still maintaining a delicate presentation. Each line weight is perfectly fitted to exceed in its field, giving delicate dry fly presentations with the lighter models, and powerful enough to turn over salmon flies with the heavier segment. Despite it's name, this line is highly capable of performing overhead casts with nice and stable loops, and function as an great allround line for most fishing situations.

The Single hand Scandi is designed with a perfect allround taper length for each line weight, meaning that each single line weight has its own taper length, but with the same short back taper and handling line. This will ensure that the line will feel the same regardless of which rod or line you use, the special feeling of this line will be there! The unique continuous front taper puts most of the target weight of the line at the back of the head. Meaning that you will easily feel “the load” as the lines mass, will instantly be behind the rod tip when creating a D-loop. The back taper together with a tapered handling line, stabilizes the head when casting overhead and remove a good bit of that "hinged" feeling you get with typical shooting heads.

The head color is white, that is both visible for the angler in many different scenarios, but also quite stealthy towards the fishing. The running line is made with a very strong yellow color to make it very easy to see and collect when setting up for the next cast. The total length varies between the line weights, to better suit the different scenarios where the lines will be mainly used.