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Guideline Brook WF
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The Brook WF is the small stream master. This line, with its compressed taper and short head, loads the rod well at very short distances, giving you the ability to shoot a good line with hardly any line out of the rod tip. Loading the rod sufficiently when casting short gives a better feel for the rod and enhances your feeling of control and accuracy when fishing at short distances.

This line is not only great for smaller rivers; it is also a very effective tool when fishing in spots at lakes that you never liked due to all the vegetation around you. Whether overhead casting between trees or roll/spey casting, this compact tapered line will help you with all these tasks. It opens up new possibilities and makes these tricky settings easier.

The head is just 6,5 meters and is designed to perform well at distances from the tip of your shoe up to 15-20 meters depending on casting style. The main part of the head consists of a continuous front taper that ends in a short back taper. This triangular taper gives you a line that is very easy to lift out of the water, and performs water born casts such as roll and switch/spey casts perfectly.

To create stability to also be able to perform overhead casts, we have designed a holding line of 1,75m that tapers down to the running line. This also slows down the turnover a little, that gives better balance making it possible to present well at medium distances. This unique back taper design also improves controlling and mending of the line in techical fishing situations. The head is bone white with a yellow handling/running line. The transition between the white and the yellow is perfectly set to perform switch- and roll casts.