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Ghibli Modular Tapered Leader
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- Freshwater Leader
- Clear Nylon
- Three Measures
- Front Micro Loop
- Designed by Massimo Magliocco

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5.50 €

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Ref.: MM-FCMG-270-300

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The Ghibli Modular Tapered Leaders are made with a taper that has now become a reference point for a balanced leader and with a profile suitable for all types of waters. In fact, being the market for tapered leaders almost totally foreign, most of them have percentages that are not very suitable for the fishing technique we favour Italy. These leaders have the percentages between Power, Taper and Tippet designed by Massimo Magliocco, a profound connoisseur of fishing equipment, as well as an internationally recognized casting and fishing instructor, equal to 36%-36%-28% in relation to the total length of the leader . These too, as well as all the leaders of the Ghibli line, are modular as they give the fisherman the possibility of tying a Tippet, not included deliberately, ranging from 0.10 to 0.15 and of variable length depending on the fisherman's skills and the rivers where you fish. Made with the latest generation memory-free nylon. For the Tippet we recommend the use of Fluorocarbon which helps to break the surface film and help to reduce drag.

All the Modular Leaders of the Ghibli series are produced in Italy.