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Ghibli Modular Knotted Leader
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- Freshwater Leader
- Clear Nylon
- Three Measures
- Front Micro Loop
- Designed by Massimo Magliocco

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6.00 €

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Ref.: MM-FNG-270-300

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Knotted leaders which are designed with the famous ratios between Power, Taper and Tippet 36%-36%-28% developed by Massimo Magliocco, a deep connoisseur of fishing equipment, as well as an internationally recognized casting and fishing instructor. These leaders end up with a micro-loop. The tippet is not included, deliberately, and you can decide which length and thickness you want to use, from 0.10 to 0.15, so as to make the leader a real modular one. These leaders are available in three lengths, 2.70m, 3.60, and 5.00m (pls add the tippet length to the count). Made with the latest generation memory-free nylon. For the Tippet we recommend the use of Fluorocarbon which helps to break the surface film and help to reduce drag.

All the Modular Leaders of the Ghibli series are produced in Italy.