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SemperSeal Subs Natural Collection
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- 12 Colors
- Seal Fur Substitute

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24.99 €

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    The Semperfli SemperSeal Subs is a revolutionary Seal Substitute

    Translucent, crispy and yet supple as the real one, this synthetic seal is a 3’’ (75mm) long fiber that will allow you to tie the tiniest of the nymph or wet flies simply cutting it to 1/2" to 3/4" (12mm to 18mm) or, using the full lenght, you’ll be able to create the bulkiest of predator, salmon and saltwater flies keeping the same shiny and lustre effect. 

    The SemperSeal Subs comes in an amazing range of colors, from pastel naturals and classical ones from the Irish Wet Fly colors like the Fiery Brown, Donegal Blue or Sooty Olive to the shiniest and craziest fluoro colors to really became the perfect substitute for seal fur in your fly tying.