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Cottarelli Line Winder Michelangelo
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    Cottarelli Line Winder Michelangelo is the definitive kit. It includes the Cottarelli Fly Line Winder Kit Leonardo, is the perfect ally for the care and protection of fly lines, both for the precious silk lines or for the modern plastic ones, and the Cottarelli Fly Line Winder Kit Galileo Multiplied with a 4:1 multiplied wheel, is the perfect solution for quickly loading and unloading various fly reels, for fly lines and backing, directly into their original spools. All held together by the system with double C-Clamp which makes it very stable and solid.

    The elegant Cottarelli Fly Line Winder Leonardo Kit can wrap the fly lines in skeins and extract them from the main core after fixing the coils with simple ties, thanks to the special expansion wheel of the Leonardo. The skeins can be stored when the fishing season is closed or when changing reels. When you are back home after a fishing day use the Cottarelli Fly Line Winder Leonardo Kit to empty your fly reel and to leave your expensive silk fly lines to dry up, or simply to grease them between fishing sessions.

    The system Cottarelli Fly Line Winder Leonardo Kit consists of an expansion wheel and a reel seat, both of which can be fixed to the table with two single c-clamps, double balanced handle, special screw with rubber o-rings for initial fixing of the fly line or leader, adjustable clutch for controlled winding and to avoid overrun of the wheel. Entirely made in Italy and impeccably built with high quality materials, stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Modern perfection with a classic touch.   

    Cottarelli Fly Line Winder Galieleo Multiplied Kit complete with reel seat and two c-clamps for table mounting, double balanced handle and adjustable clutch system. For the serious fly fisherman who needs to handle multiple fly lines and reels and an ideal tool for traveling. How many times have you wanted a simplefast and also easy to carry fly line winder, perfect when fixed to the table in your man cave or fishing room, or a useful companion in your suitcase, ready to load your precious reels upon the arrival at the fishing lodge, in full compliance with the airport regulations that require you to bring the reels in the cabin completely empty of fly lines and backing.