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Cortland Line Slow Intermediate
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- Freshwater
- 110 ft
- Slow Intermediate
- Distance Shooting
- Stealthy Presentation
- Sink Rate 1 Ips
- Braided Nylon Multifilament Core

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84.99 €

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Cortland Competition Intermediate Fly Lines, available in three sinking rates, slowmedium and fast, are superb tools for fishing in lakes and rivers, and in general to bring flies varying from midges to big meaty streamers. Cortland Competition Intermediate Lines are perfectly combined withCortland Competition MKII Lake Rods.

The new Cortland Competition Slow Intermediate Line features a long level taper head design and sinks at an ideal rate of 1 Inch Per Second. Built to fish flies just below the surface film. The new Cortland Competition Slow Intermediate Line will fool spooky and finicky fish.

The new Cortland Competition Medium Intermediate Line sinks at 1.5-2 Inches Per Second and features two hang markers at 14ft & 24ft. Hang markers indicate when it’s a perfect time to hang your flies. An aggressive density compensated taper design allows flies to properly sink to effective depths.

The new Cortland Competition Fast Intermediate Line features the Cortland new hang markers at 14ft & 24ft for shing the “hang”. An aggressive density compensated taper design allows flies to achieve proper depths. The 110ft overall line length gives you the option to cast long distances.


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