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C&F Universal System Case Small
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- Highly Waterproof Water-Resistant
- With Universal System
- Heavy Duty

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19.90 €

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C&F Design Universal System Case, with these new boxes the Japanese company has really outdone itself. We know very well that the C&F waterproof fly boxes are among the most appreciated by fly fishermen. High quality materials, different types of foam inserts based on the type and size of fly to be stored are the main characteristics that have made them big. Improving something that already seems perfect is not easy at all, but C&F has nailed the target, maintaining all the characteristics of the previous boxes but adding a fundamental one, versatility. These new boxes have a particular quick release system, the Universal System, which allows the different types of System Foams to be attached to the box. This allows us to first of all compose our boxes as we prefer, for example a Standard page and a Midge page, but also to modify the contents of the boxes from time to time by simply changing the inserts.
The Universal System Cases are available in three sizes, S-M-L, and in different colors. At the same time, the System Foams, the foam leaves to be mounted in the boxes, are available in three sizes, S-M-L, and in different types of foam, Midge, Standard, Attractor, Streamer, etc. The combinations are therefore really many, and everyone can customize their own box as they see fit.This Universal System also allows us to buy more inserts than cases, in order to be able to store the various types of flies on the various foams and decide each time which ones to take fishing with us. For example, if we liked to fish both nymph and dry we wouldn't have to buy so many boxes, but we could limit ourselves to two boxes and four inserts by replacing them based on the fishing trip we will do, leaving the flies we don't need at home. In practice, on the same box we can have different combinations of nymphs, dry, emergers, midges, wet flies, terrestrials or streamers. Truly a unique and versatile system.The Universal System is also perfect to load the brand new C&F Chest Storage, adapting it to any fishing situation.To organize all the various inserts that we don't take fishing or that we have in excess of the Cases, C&F has created the Guide Boxes, large boxes capable of containing up to 16 foam inserts. With these Guide Boxes we will always have our flies safe and well organized.