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Bostian Jakopic Idrijca CDC Nymph Selection
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- 15 Assorted CDC Nymphs
- 5 Patterns
- Tied by Bostjan Jakopic

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45.00 €

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    Ref.: BJ-NS-CDC

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    Bostjan Jakopic is a passionate angler and fly tier grew up the Soca Valley, fishing the Idrijca River. With his knowledge he ties amazing local fly patterns and guides through his rivers fly fishermen from all over the world.

    This Idrijca CDC Nymph Selection can give you the chance to fish Slovenian Rivers properly as well as any other trout river in the world. Those flies are in fact really attractive thanks to the CDC collar who gives them motion and a very natural appeal. The selection consists of 5 different nymph patterns chosen in their most captivating colors and sizes. They features 3.5 to 4mm beads to help you search the sparkliest water or simply bringing as fast as possible your fly to the fish.

    - 3x BJ12OG, #12 Hook-4mm Bead

    - 3x BJ12SO, #12 Hook-4mm Bead

    - 3x BJ12PP, #12 Hook-3,8mm Bead

    - 3x BJ14BO, #12 Hook-4mm Bead

    - 3x BJ14CPG, #14 Hook-4mm Bead

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