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Game Fish
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- Author Byron Dalrymple
- Publisher The World Publishing Company
- Year 1968
- First Edition
- Signed by the First Owner
- Excellent Condition
- Hardcover with Dust Wrapper
- b/w and Colour Illustrations
- Language English
- PAges 480
- Size cm 19 x 13

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    If an angler could have just one book on fish and fishing, this should be it. Byron Dalrymple brings together in Game Fish all the necessary  facts on every game fish in the United States, 138 fresh and 190 saltwater species, in a book that's as clear, fresh and speaking as a trout stream, and a pleasure to read.

    Game Fish of Byron Dalrymple covers every game fish, including characteristics, feeding habits, likes and dislikes, weight, geographical distribution, even best time of day and year to catch the fish. It enables anglers to identify, almost 100 percent sure, every fish on the hook. Byron Dalrymple 's descriptions give identifying features, and Douglas Allen's detailed drawings, over 130 in black and white, plus 56 full color paintings, show the fish exactly as they look.

    Additional information deepens the angler's knowledge of each species. On the smallmouth bass, for example, the book describes the fish as strictly of cold, clear water, rocky shores, big, deep lakes, swift streams. It lies deep, seldom feeds on the surface, usually is caught on deep running plugs, streamer flies or nymphs, or bait fished on or near the bottom. The book gives specific suggestions on tackle, lures, bait to use for each species under various conditions.