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Cortland Solid Tip MKII Rod 10.6ft #3
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- Solid Carbon and Tubular Tip
- Increased Sensitivity
- Suitable for Ultra Light Tippets
- Italian Craftsmanship

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150.00 €

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    The Cortland Solid Tip is an optional accessory, of Italian craftsmanship, dedicated to the Cortland MK1 and MKII rods. It is an ultra performing tip that allows you to strongly increase the sensitivity of the whole fishing system, by means of an increased tip flexibility. This makes the Cortland Solid Tip ideal for practicing extremely technical fishing with light equipment. In this way it is possible to obtain total control of thin terminals, as an example using the Cortland Ultra Premium Fluorocarbon and micro-nymphs.

    The Cortland Solid Tip is made from an original Cortland tip. The modification made by the solid tip consists in replacing the end part of the tubular tip with a full solid carbon tip. The general sensitivity of the tool is also improved as the solid carbon offers a higher vibration transmission than the tubular carbon, without affecting in any way the precision during use, for example in casting. The design of the Cortland Solid Tip has been meticulously cared for in all details by Valerio Santi Amantini and Enrico Nicoletti. The curve of the tool always remains continuous, homogeneous, progressive, without discrepancies or interruptions between the solid tip and the remaining tubular part of the barrel.

    Specific Cortland Solid Tip tips are available for the Cortland Nymph Rod MKII 10FT/2WTCortland Nymph Rod MKII 10.5 FT/3WTCortland Nymph Rod MKII 11FT/2WTCortland Nymph Rod MKII 11FT/3WT and also for the Cortland Nymph Rod MK1 10'6" 3WT.