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Golden Pheasant Tippet Collars
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- Ideal for Salmon Flies
- Originates from United States

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    The Golden Pheasant is one of most amazing birds used in fly tying and back in middle 19th century his import in the old world it changed the face of salmon flies forever. It is difficult to name a salmon fly which does not use at least a section of golden pheasant. The deep yellow feather of the head are commonly used in tails and as crests and these feathers are normally referred as topping in the descriptions of flies.  Some salmon flies of incredible beauty have wings entirely composed of a cascade of toppings masterfully mounted. 

    The GP tippets, the black barred orange feathers of the neck are also commonly used on salmon and wet flies, especially for whole wings tied back to back on patterns like the Durham Rangers and the Parson. Tippet fibers are also used on flies belonging to the American tradition, like the Royal Coachman and the Trude.