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54DS Fly Tying Led Lamp
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- Single 5W Led
- Input 110V/220V
- Daylight 4200K
- 60cm Gooseneck
- On/Off Switch
- 10mm Hole
- USA Plug Adaptor Included

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119.00 €

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    Anyone used to precision and fine works knows the value of good lighting and the right color spectrum. When tying our favorite flies every turn of thread has its importance and seeing well what we are doing makes the difference between a good fly and an approximate one.

    The perception of colors in materials depends on the degree of illumination and its intensity and warmth and the daylight spectrum of this 54DS Fly Tying Led Lamp will be appreciated by both those who tie general fishing flies and the "match the hatch" enthusiasts. This lamp is equipped with a single 5W daylight LED with a 60 cm Gooseneck type arm to be able to position the light source in the way we prefer. Fixing to the vise is possible thanks to the holder with its 10 mm hole that fits most modern vise shafts. The Allen key for adjustment is included in the package. Packaging is also important to us and to limit the use of plastic the 54 Dean Street lamp is supplied with a convenient linen bag for transport and a cardboard box.

    The small size of this lamp when folded makes it ideal as a travel lamp, for nights of tying at the fishing lodges or clubs. But it is also beautiful and elegant used on our tying table at home as the main lamp.

    N.B. To use this lamp in non-EU countries, you just need a plug adapter. Input:110V/220V