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Clark's Dubbing Block
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- 1 Teak Wood Brush Tool
- 3 Ephemera Silk Spools
- 1 Dubbing Wax
- 1 Cardboard (Brushes are not included)
- Made in Italy

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59.00 €

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    In his milestone book “The art of tying the wet fly”, James Leisenring, the famous American fly tier and fisherman, wrote that the body is the most important part of a wet fly. This book was describing for the first time ever the Clark’s dubbing block to spin dubbing ropes, an easier alternative to the original method used by Leisenring.

    This simple and super useful tool allows you to craft a wide variety of pre-made bodies, prepared with both natural or synthetic furs or a combination of these, using real silk threads of different thickness or any modern thread you wish. The dubbing block makes the preparation of the dubbing loop very simple, keeping the well waxed thread under tension while you place the fur in position in the desired quantity. These unique bodies crafted with the dubbing block are ideal both for wet flies and nymphs or even for classic style dry flies. But as usual there are no limits to the combination of materials and use.

    Try this Clark’s Dubbing Block with translucent Ephemera Pure Silk Thread and combine it with natural fur such as Muskrat, Opossum, hare or fox. Adjust the quantity of material to make super thin or buggy bodies. This Clark’s Dubbing Block is made of very heavy and strong Teak wood, nicely polished, with precise notches to fix the thread, non-slip feet and a background strip to improve the visibility while working with fur. This box contains all the necessary material to start making your bodies, the wood block, three spools of real silk thread, a piece of clear wax and a precut cardboard to store the pre made bodies. You can easily make yourself several additional cardboard to prepare and stock as many bodies as you wish, all made with different materials and always ready to use.