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Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Bent
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- Ceramic Bobbin
- Bent Arm

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13.50 €

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    TMC Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin was the first bobbin that used ceramic tube in the fly tying history, and the only bobbin that uses Japanese high quality ceramic tube. Guaranty smooth winding of fly tying thread for years. Last many times more than conventional steel bobbing. It can hold any type of bobbin threads, both modern plastic ones and the classic wooden bobbins, even the small ones. As an example, perfect to be used with the Ephemera Pure Silk Thread or the Semperfli Tying Threads.

    There are six different models available, they differ in the tube diameter: Fine (gray), Standard (white) or Heavy-Duty (black) and in the arm: Straight or Bent. The Tiemco Heavy Duty Ceramic Bobbin Bent and the Tiemco Heavy Duty Ceramic Bobbin Straigh have larger diameter black ceramic tube and are suitable for tying hair flies, streamers, and saltwater patterns. The body is covered with non-slip rubber tube. The Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Bent and the Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Straight are the bread and butter of the series, the most populars ones, with which it is possible to make any type of fly and to wrap any type of thread. The Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Fine Bent and the Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin Fine Straight features an ultra fine ceramic tube, they are ideal tools to work around tiny midge flies and very small hooks. Also perfect to be paired with extra fine modern threads as the Semperfli Nano Silk 30D 18/0 or the Semperfli Spyder Thread 30D 18/0.