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Solarez Pro Roadie Kit
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- 0.5 oz Bottle with Cone-Cap
- 8 Different Style Applicators
- UV-Cure High Output Flashlight

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76.50 €

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    Solarez Pro Rodie Kit include three different Fly-Tie Uv resin; Thin-Hard, Thick-Hard & Flex.
    Each comes in a 0.5 oz bottle with cone-cap, and 8 different style applicators. Also included is a UV-Cure High Output flashlight with optimal wavelength.

    Solarez UV Resin Thin Hard is the ideal solution for several application such as streamersrealistic fliesdry fliesnymphs and wet. Totally clear and glossy finish, very fast curinghard-scratch resistant. Very easy to apply a clear coat that will cure in few seconds when exposed to Solarez UV light. The must to have broad spectrum UV Resin among the Solarez range.

    Solarez UV Resin Thick Hard is a solid and very viscous UV resin for making thick coatings or spheres-bodies, streamer eyes
 and heads. Perfect viscous formula for nymphs, streamers, saltwater flies, hucho flies and pike flies. It cures in few seconds when exposed to proper Solarez UV light. Ideal also for repairing damaged flies in a flash!

    Solarez UV Resin Flex is a medium viscosity flexible UV resin, ideal when a grade of flexibility is required. Excellent for application on foam, terrestrialsarticulated flies and swimmerssaltwater fliesrealistic flies. Its unique formula is great also for wader repair or for coating knots for strengths. Perfect formula also for repairing damaged flies.

    Indications of use: gently apply Solarez UV Resin if possible without direct exposure to light. Shoot with appropriate UV light for no more than twenty seconds. Wait few moments and then irradiate again to complete the curing process with 30 full seconds UV light or sunlight. This skill will reduce overheating, odors or constriction.