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Filson Original Leather Conditioner
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- Replenishes Leather
- Natural Moisture Content
- Aids Water Resistance
- Prevent Cracking
- Absorbs Easily
- Made in USA

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45.00 €

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    The Filson Original Leather Conditioner is a proprietary blend of natural oils and waxes that nourishes and preserves smooth leathers of all kinds. It's made with cosmetic-grade ingredients and is easily applied by hand or with a lint-free rag. Organic essential oils provide a subtle fir scent that dissipate quickly. Made in USA.

    Not recommended for suede or nubuck leathers. Leather may darken after application. Test in a discreet area before using. Apply to clean and dry leather by rubbing-in a very small amount of Filson Original Leather Conditioner vigorously by hand. Body heat and friction will melt the wax so it penetrates into leather along with the natural oils. Allow to sit overnight and wipe off any excess. Ideal for conditioning Filson Bridle Leather, boots and other smooth leathers.