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Knee Pads Impact Soft 20.20
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- 450 gr (per Pair)
- They do not Absorb Water
- Thick Shells
- Flexible
- Padded Internally
- One Size

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65.00 €

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    Ref.: IS-KP-2020

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    The Knee Pads Impact Soft 20.20 are the essential accessory to wear on your fly fishing days. On bumpy paths, climbing large stones and other obstacles, wading, slips or involuntary falls are always around the corner and in most cases you will lose tension or suffer the blow on your knees and shins. Furthermore, this area is often put to the test if you want to reach particularly promising spots trying not to scare the fish.

    The Knee Pads Impact Soft 20.20 have been built so that all critical areas are robust and reliable in protecting waders and shin. The outer shells are made of thick and sturdy PVC to withstand impacts. The fastening straps have been made of a high quality stretch fabric, while the closing clips are sand and dirt resistant. Two non-slip strips have been added to either side of the central knee pad shell to ensure an even better grip on slippery surfaces in case you have to kneel. The seams are double-rowed and therefore very resistant. The polypropylene webbing that surrounds the edges of the knee brace is sewn with the same material as the shells, which helps to increase its durability. The comfort and functionality of the Knee Pads Impact 20.20 are exceptional. The high-density foam inside provides pleasant cushioning and protects the entire shin very well, from the knee to the wading boot. Thanks to the rigid and modular construction of the shells, the knee protection adapts to your movements allowing you to kneel comfortably even on hard and uneven ground. Of course, those pads will also reliably protect your waders from wear, holes and other damage in the knee and shin area, as well as protecting that area from possible accidental hits or injuries. The Knee Pads Impact 20.20 can be put on and taken off very quickly thanks to four snap fasteners mounted on adjustable elastic straps.

    These knee pads are available in one size and have a matte black finish.

    Weight: 450gr (per pair)