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Cherie B Fly Reel 2020 Left Hand
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- New Model 2020
- For Line #2, #3, #4
- Total Weight 67,8 Grams
- External Diameter mm 65
- Aluminum Ergal 7075
- Left Hand Retrieve
- Made in Italy

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596.00 €

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    Ref.: CHB2020/1-GRN-LHR

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    The Cherie B Fly Reel has been made from solid aluminum Ergal 7075 by CNC machining, each reel is finished by hand to the state of the art and minimal variations on the finishes can be found. Ergonomic foot for rod attachment, single body with the spool, allows a maximum reduction of the rod-reel center distance. The ergonomics of handling, whether one prefers the wraparound handle typical of the TLT Italian casting style, or a classic handle for traditional casting, translates into a perfect symbiosis of the hand-rod complex, allowing complete control of casting.

    The lower position of the cherie b on the grip, by its asymmetric foot, compared to a traditional reel, can improve casting for two reasons: first, the caster can grip the rod lower; by lowering the fulcrum, the use of the rod is optimised, providing a longer lever: a short casting arc brings a longer tip path; second, this position of the reel and resulting weight distribution help the caster increasing the rotation speed of the rod during the casting, improving loading of all rods, line speed, distance and control. These features allow a better and easier way to cast and therefore to fish. This jewel, who represent pure beauty of the Italian style, is available in two version as the Cherie B Fly Reel Left Hand Retrieve and the Cherie B Fly Reel Right Hand Retrieve. Due to some construction features and the fact that the foot is machined from solid together with the reel, the retrieve cannot be changed. It is a choice that must be made at the time of purchase.

    The chassis completely envelopes the outer perimeter of the reel, to safeguard the same, performing an elastic action that in case of a collision absorbs any deformation, reducing damage to the dent only. New design, lightened and reinforced in critical areas, where the stresses are most intense. The friction zone, where the fly line exerts abrasion, is polished before and after the treatment. Technical details represent the best of what has ever been achieved in making a reel: total weight 67,80 grams, corrosion resistance, grams, Hv 550/600 hardened body, thickness 25/30 micron, satin chrome color, two-tone coloured anodic oxidised spool, recovery handle made of aluminum and kevlar for anti-slip. Body size external diameter mm 65. Reel size outside diameter 61,4 millimetres, internal diameter 23,5 millimetres, internal width 22 millimetres. Patent Pending foot machined from solid, integral with the frame. Slip control system with pistons with adjustable load by means of setting screws. Dry composite filled plain bearings, with no lubrication.

    It is also available the Cherie B Spool Green/Black and the Cherie B Spool Gold/Red, that having a standard size, could be mounted on every Cherie B 2020 reel. On the reel spool there are two tiny holes, in order to facilitate and keeping clean the fixing of the backing to the spool itself. The Cortland Micron Backing can be considered the perfect match for that. The reels can be embellished with a custom plate. It is possible to have your name or the caption you prefer engraved, at no additional cost. Any personalised plate must be requested at the time of purchase, the waiting time for production is about two to three weeks. If we do not receive specific indications, the reel will be shipped in neutral form, immediately, without any waiting time. The artisanal production of Cherie B is very limited and subjected to a waiting list. If you don't see the reel of your dreams available in stock, please contact us by email. Each reel, that is a real gem, shows the progressive serial number on the spool.

    Warning! The internal mechanisms do not need any maintenance. Never use oil. Oil could damage proper operation. Occasionally, you can gently clean with rag or paper.

    Distributed worldwide by 54 Dean Street.