Chi siamo

54 Dean Street

Like a shop of the past.

There were two shops from bygone days that fed our dreams of fishing and flies, the Jim Deren’s Angler’s Roost in New York City and the magic shop of William Blacker at the 54 of Dean Street in London. Both of them were inspiring us, Jim’s wisdom and practicality, William’s quality and perfection. To tell the truth, old Bill inspired us the name of our little shop too.

Even though you’re not walking in New York or London, the idea you’ll find here is the same that inspired those two unique shops. You won’t loose yourself among thousand of products, but you’ll find the right ones, the ones we have chosen and selected for you, the good, trustable ones.

When you enter our little shop you already know what you’ll find, it will be the first step to a small journey.

Our team


Alberto Calzolari - Bruno Generali - Marco Terzani

Telling you that we are driven by passions would be obvious, telling you that together we have over 50 years of fly fishing on our shoulders it would appear self-indulgent, telling you that we try to transfer the beauty of fly fishing on each product we sell it might look extreme. So we’ll simply let you know that we will try to be like the shopkeepers of the past, always ready to recommend and guide, keen in the choice of products to propose you.


54 Dean Street has been my supplier of quality fly tying materials for more than a year. For my daily tying their Solarez UV-resin has proven to be easy to apply and ends up tack-free with a laser pen. Lately their collection of original silks for salmon and trout flies is amazing, I wouldn't be without it. They're nice guys and are normally shipping the next day. Highly recommendable.

Jon Strand, Norway.

Alberto and Bruno can be a refreshing addition to our Italian fly fishing world. Alberto has a 360° knowledge on fly tying, result of years of experience and, combined with Bruno’s skills and team work, can be a guarantee to success. I am glad and honoured to be part of their team, combining my knowledge in the competition world and my own results we have most definitely a recipe for success.

Valerio Santi amantini, Italy.

Quality is a process that starts with how you approach people and then it finds its way to the best material you can find or get on the web. 54 Dean Street is to me a well known address for the best quality you can get.

Martie Van Den Brandt, The Netherland.